Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Greedy rapper, now needy rapper?

By Hannibal Rex

Local street rapper, Curtis Jones, is being sued by the National Organization for Women (NOW) for the sum of 500 million dollars due to mental distress caused by misogynist lyrics.

Jones who goes by the rap name, “Murder Mike” is being sued by NOW for what they call a, “Pattern of abusive lyrics to women as a whole.”

Jones had massive popularity as one of Springfield’s national names in the news. His rap song, “Cash, Money, Hoes,” played on the Black Entertainment Television channel (BET) in heavy rotation.

The suit alleges that Jones and BET conspired to use ‘cultural hegemony’ in order to suppress the rights of women of every race, nationality and economic background.

Cultural hegemony is a concept coined by Marxist philosopher Antonio Gramsci. It means that a diverse culture can be ruled or dominated by one group or class, that everyday practices and shared beliefs provide the foundation for complex systems of domination.

“It time for these men to pay the piper,” said Maryanne Walls a spokeswoman for NOW. “The country is in need of serious change. Women want their dignity back from these rappers. The days of using a woman as a sex slave are over!”

Jones spoke to the charges as ludicrous. “Yo, I’m just keeping it real. I’m not rapping about those suits; I’m keeping it raw for my peoples.”

Jones’ lawyer, John P. Carver, spoke for his client, “It’s my client who’s been wronged here – not these women who obviously don’t understand his plight.”

“These gold-diggers just want my guacamole,” spoke Jones before his lawyer interceded and stopped the interview abruptly.

Both the rapper and BET are named in the suit; however, BET has hired the high powered attorney, Edward Winchester, and they have no comment on the impending case.

In a press release, BET went on to say, “We feel it is unfortunate that people are trying to block free speech. We are unaware of any liability in this case and will be happy to get it thrown out of court for its frivolity.”

Murder Mike rapped about having obscene amounts of wealth and power. His biggest hit, “Greed is Great,” was on the billboard for 13 weeks.

If Jones aka “Murder Mike” loses this case, he’ll be penniless. If NOW wins, it could mark a new era in free speech.

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